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Selecting a Campground Broker

As a prospective campground Buyer you should look for a Broker with experience in commercial sales, preferably a Broker who specializes in campgrounds/RV parks. However, that may be difficult depending on your region of interest, as there are very few Brokers in the entire country who choose to specialize in marketing campgrounds - and for very good reasons.

Look for a Broker who personally accompanies you and gives you a tour of each campground that you have selected for consideration. Also look for a Broker who can assist and coordinate a sale through all of the important steps of a transaction (as they are many).

A knowledgeable Broker should assist in drafting the Documents of Agreement which often require very delicate and sensitive negotiations. The Broker should also be able to recommend competent legal counsel in the area of your purchase. Equally important is obtaining bank financing. An experienced Broker should be able to secure a qualified Buyer one or more loans from lending institutions and assist them with organizing a "Buyer Package" which would include Buyer's Resume', plan of operations, projections of future income, as well as providing substantial campground data.

An experienced Broker should be able to recommend experienced campground operators in the area who are willing sources of help to a new Buyer. He/She should also be able to suggest programs and methods of improvement for the particular campground being purchased and to be available as a source of help after the sale. A competent Broker should come well recommended from members of the industry whom he/she serves.

If you have a serious desire to own a campground/RV park in the Northern New England & New York areas, we would be pleased to discuss appropriate listings with you. We would welcome the opportunity to put our 24 plus years of experience to work and lead you through the many steps of purchasing campground/RV park.

Dunton Commercial Properties has built its reputation on Confidentiality. All inquiries will be treated in a Confidential manner and all listings must be treated Confidentially, as well.


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